Kennedy Pond Conservancy to kick off education program with author Tom Poland

The family friendly event will take place on Saturday, January 13, at Fostering Bulloch’s 7th Mile Farm, next to Kennedy Pond.

The Kennedy Pond Conservancy will introduce its education program on Saturday, January 13, 2024, with an education workshop for all ages. Guest speaker Tom Poland, a renowned writer/author, will talk about Carolina Bay’s wonder, beauty, importance, and mystery. His talk will be followed by activities, projects, and a nature walk through Kennedy Pond.

“We are excited to begin this adventure through education and hope that this will be a family event that draws the community together,” said Zach VanOtteren of the Conservancy. 

The event will be hosted by Fostering Bulloch’s 7th Mile Farm on Highway 46, adjacent to the Kennedy Pond property. Attendees will meet in the lunchroom at the farm, and the event will run from 10:00am-12:15pm, with the schedule as follows:

  • Refreshments and Introductions (15 minutes)
  • Poland’s Talk (45 minutes)
  • Workshop Activities (45 minutes)
  • Nature Walk (30 minutes)

See the full event flyer HERE.

Kennedy Pond Conservancy seeks opportunities for community outreach through its educational programs including research clinics, graduate studies, workshops, weekly educational seminars, volunteer programs, science fairs and other education related projects. The Conservancy will provide expert trainers, guides, instructors, and guest speakers to promote not only the restoration of Kennedy Pond but also the importance of nature conservancy efforts as a whole.

The Conservancy plans to work with researchers and educators in public and private sectors to create curriculum; with local agencies to create materials on wetland education; and, with teams to monitor, protect, and restore the wetlands. 

“Our goal is to inform, educate and involve individuals within the community to ignite a passion for the beauty of nature, the need for preservation and the rich diversity Kennedy Pond brings to our region,” VanOtteren added.

Kennedy Pond Conservancy to kick off education program with author Tom Poland
Black-bellied Whistling Ducks at Kennedy Pond

More about the Conservancy

Kennedy Pond is a significant ecological site in Bulloch County, and is among the largest of its kind in Georgia, including areas of open water, marsh, shrub bog, cypress forest, and fringe tupelo swamp. This major inland wetland serves as an important refuge and watering area for all manner of wildlife, including wintering grounds for ducks, as well as a nesting and stopover site for more than 150 resident and migrant bird species.

Kennedy Pond Conservancy will engage stakeholders and the broader community in efforts to restore and preserve Kennedy Pond through research, community participation and active stewardship, while nurturing biodiversity and ecological integrity.

They invite you to join in this mission through volunteer opportunities, community partnerships, and financial contributions as they work toward their goals for this unique site. Email [email protected] or visit Kennedy Pond Conservancy on Facebook.