Former Teacher Fired For Starting An OnlyFans Has Retained A Lawyer

Former Indiana teacher Sarah Juree was fired from her job last year for starting an OnlyFans page. A local reporter uncovered her afterschool activities and informed her employer.

The news of her firing helped her make headlines which turned her small subscription-based operation into a big business. She learned early on how to cash in on her teaching past.

Former Teacher Fired For Starting An OnlyFans Has Retained A Lawyer
Former teacher turned OnlyFans model has retained a lawyer (Image Credit: Sarah Juree/Instagram)

When her subscribers revealed their teacher fantasies to her, she pivoted to making that type of content. One thing led to another and she found herself handing out report cards rating her paying customer’s manhood.

“They’re like hot for teachers,” Sarah admitted a few months after she was fired. “So I had this fan who messaged me and he was like ‘hey, I have like this insane teacher fantasy and I would like a d*ck rating but could you please do it in a report card?’”

Despite her success on OnlyFans, Sarah isn’t ready to turn the page on her exit from the teaching profession just yet. She’s retained a lawyer and is hoping to file a lawsuit by the end of the month.

“I have good news! I finally retained a lawyer!,” Sarah announced to her subscribers. “The suit has to be filed by June 28th. If you are able please donate to help me offset the lawyer fees.”

“Thank you guys for believing in me, supporting me, cheering me up and rooting for me,” she continued. “I love you all.”

Sarah Juree Wasn’t The First Teacher On OnlyFans And She Won’t Be The Last

Sarah doesn’t believe her termination from her teaching job was justified. She claims the idea for starting her OnlyFans came from her boss.

“Almost every teacher in America has a second side job or more. My former coworker worked as a bartender and she mentioned starting an OnlyFans page,” she said.

“My boss told us both to start a page and sell our panties on it days before I got fired.”

I’m no lawyer, but it does seem like the situation is at least worth exploring legally. Your boss suggests to you that you do something, you go ahead and do it, then you get fired.

That’s not adding up. As a former teacher, Sarah knows a thing or two about addition, among other things.