6 Luxury Home Features in Nashville: A Realtor’s Perspective

Welcome to the vibrant and thriving city of Nashville, where luxury living reaches new heights amidst the enchanting landscapes and soul-stirring music. If you’re contemplating living in Nashville or already on the hunt for a home in the city, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an array of exquisite features and amenities that epitomize opulence and comfort.

From elegant architecture and expansive living spaces to state-of-the-art technology and breathtaking views, Nashville’s top luxury home features are a testament to the city’s dynamic allure and unparalleled lifestyle. Join us on a journey to explore the finest residences that encapsulate the essence of luxury in Music City, USA.

6 Luxury Home Features in Nashville: A Realtor’s Perspective

Top neighborhoods with luxury home features in Nashville

Nashville’s luxury neighborhoods, Green Hills, Belle Meade, and Brentwood, boast exquisite home features, each offering a distinct blend of opulence and charm where homebuyers are willing to pay premium prices. In fact, the median sale price of homes in these three neighborhoods is a minimum $543K more than the median sale price for the city

Green Hills, with its tree-lined streets and proximity to high-end shopping and dining, offers an exquisite blend of convenience and elegance. The median sale price for homes in Green Hills was $990K in June 2023.

Belle Meade evokes timeless elegance, characterized by grand estates and a historic charm. Belle Meade tops the list for most expensive neighborhood in June 2023, with a median sale price of $2.1 million

Brentwood’s allure lies in its stately residences, expansive lots, and nearby amenities, creating an ideal suburban retreat with a touch of sophistication. The median sale price sits at $1.3 million for homes in Brentwood in June 2023. 

Leiper’s Fork, a charming village near Nashville, exudes rustic elegance with sprawling properties set against picturesque landscapes. This retreat is perfect for those in the market for a refined countryside lifestyle, with homes also set at premium prices.

1. Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces are a highly sought after feature in the luxury home market in Nashville. The “glass wall,” or collapsible sliding doors, allow the indoor living space to flow seamlessly to the outdoor living space. These spaces often have high-end kitchens, fireplaces, TV’s, and all of the comforts of the indoor space. This design provides the perfect solution for a mix of indoor/outdoor entertaining. They are also great for offering the homeowner their own private respite after a long hard day. Plus, if the outdoor living space is private, that tends to add more value. This is typically achieved with privacy fences, screens, plantings, and pergolas, creating intimate and secluded retreats.

One of my recent listings perfectly encapsulated the fusion of luxury and aesthetics. This exquisite home spanned four stories with an impressive five balconies, each offering breathtaking panoramas of downtown Nashville. The top floor featured a captivating wrap-around balcony, providing an unparalleled vantage point to soak in the city’s skyline and dynamic energy. 

Outdoor living space is a top luxury home feature in Nashville

2. Wine room

With the growing interest in wine comes the growing demand for wine rooms, a popular luxury home feature in Nashville. The wine room has quietly replaced the wine cellar as homeowners have shifted towards displaying their collection instead of hiding it away in a cellar. These spaces, often accommodating 300 to 500 bottles, provide a cozier and more-intimate way to entertain and enjoy a bottle of wine. Beyond the functionality, wine rooms serve as a way to highlight a wine collection years in the making.

3. Luxury pools

Luxury pools are a must-have for luxury homes in Nashville, yet uniquely challenging due to the city’s rocky terrain. Because of this, building a pool can be expensive because of the need for blasting or chipping out of rock. 

In Nashville’s housing market, private pools are more than just amenities – they are extensions of the luxurious lifestyle. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pools seamlessly integrate with the architecture, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. You’ll often find creative pool designs, such as a pool within a barn, each providing a reflection of the homeowner’s taste and personality. Large swimming pool and patio in a secluded back yard.

4. Breathtaking views

Breathtaking views are a highly desirable feature in Nashville homes, and luxury properties are often strategically positioned to maximize the beauty of the natural landscape. For estates nestled on expansive acreage, the view might be of gently rolling hills with green pastures, magnificent trees, and ponds or other water features. Or, if the home is in the heart of Nashville, it might be perched on a hilltop, providing incredible views of downtown. 

These residences feature expansive windows and meticulously crafted floor plans to enhance the seamless blend between indoor and outdoor realms. This design philosophy ensures that the mesmerizing landscape remains a constant presence, forging an unbroken connection between the interior and the natural world beyond.

Views of downtown Nashville from a luxury home.

5. Guest houses and DADUs

Guest houses, or separate living spaces that are attached or detached from the house, are a highly desirable feature for luxury homes in the Nashville market. A growing trend that has been embraced throughout luxury homes is multi-generational living, where different generations within a family have separate spaces on the same property. This allows adult children to live with their parents (or vice versa) yet each still has their own space and privacy. 

A guest house provides a dedicated space for visitors and overnight guests, ensuring their comfort and privacy while maintaining a sense of separation from the main residence. From an investment perspective, guest houses add versatility and potential for rental income. Homeowners can lease these separate living spaces for additional financial gain, making their luxury property not only a residence but also a potential source of revenue.

DADU‘s (Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a specific type of guest house that is fully detached from the main residence. A DADU must be placed behind and smaller than the primary residence, typically 700-1,000 sq. ft. These dwellings have become popular in recent years – especially for those homes located in a historic overlay district that might prohibit changes to the principal home. 

6. Land and privacy

In Nashville’s luxury market, larger land and privacy translate directly to higher home prices. Homes with ample acreage offer room for innovative designs and serene surroundings, and the scarcity of open space makes seclusion a premium. 

Homeowners can use their land to create expansive gardens, add amenities like pools or tennis courts, and build peaceful retreats. Privacy also grants an escape from city life, providing room for various leisure activities. 

If you’re buying a luxury home in Nashville, your Redfin Premier Agent is equipped to offer valuable insights into the local market, including insight into the neighborhoods, highly sought-after amenities, pricing trends, and available luxury properties.