3 Luxury Home Features in Westchester County, NY

From stately mansions adorned with exquisite details to modern marvels designed for seamless contemporary living, Westchester County, NY, stands as a haven for potential homebuyers seeking luxury living. If you’re already on the hunt for a home in the area, or just starting to think about living in White Plains, NY or another city in Westchester County, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an array of exquisite features and amenities.

As you embark on a journey to explore the finest homes this area has to offer,  this Redfin article will guide you through the realm of exquisite features that define luxury living in Westchester County. From elegant architectural details to cutting-edge amenities, we unveil the luxury home features that await you.

3 Luxury Home Features in Westchester County, NY

Top neighborhoods with luxury home features in Westchester County

While Westchester already has a lofty median sale price of $745K, surpassing the national median by over $300,000, Scarsdale, Rye, Irvington, Bronxville, and Larchmont stand as renowned enclaves, synonymous with luxury real estate. Each exudes its distinct charm, where homebuyers are willing to pay premium prices. 

Bronxville tops the list for most expensive area, with a median sale price of two million as of June 2023. Known for its vibrant community, Bronxville boasts timeless Tudor-style homes, Mediterranean villas, and proximity to Manhattan – it’s no wonder homebuyers are willing to pay top dollar. 

Scarsdale, which saw a median sale price of nearly $1.83 million in June 2023, is known for its majestic Colonial-style residences set against lush backdrops grace the landscape, often featuring sprawling lawns and grand facades. Rye, on the other hand, boasts an exquisite mix of architectural styles, from classic Colonials to elegant Tudors, many accompanied by breathtaking waterfront vistas and with a median sale price of nearly $1.8 million.

Meanwhile, Larchmont charms with its coastal allure, characterized by elegant shingle-style homes and captivating waterfront panoramas that sold at a median sale price of $1.63 million.

With a median sale price of nearly one million, Irvington presents a blend of historic elegance and modern grandeur, showcasing stately Victorian mansions and contemporary estates, harmoniously coexisting amidst tree-lined streets. 

Recent trends highlight the remarkable demand for these luxury areas, with competitive homes selling up to 500K over their asking prices. Limited supply and high demand lead to bidding wars, while unique features, location, and investment potential can justify the premium. 

1. Three-to-four car garage

Luxury homebuyers value 3-4 car garages for their practicality and versatility. These spacious garages offer secure parking for multiple vehicles, protecting vehicles from the elements to preserve value and ensure their condition. Beyond car storage, the extra space allows for organized storage, maintaining a clutter-free living environment. The additional space can also be repurposed as a workshop, providing a creative space for hobbies or projects. 

3 to 4 car garages are a top luxury home feature in Westchester county

2. Large walkout basements

In Westchester County, upscale residences commonly feature expansive finished basements boasting notably high ceilings. These spaces not only increase overall living space, allowing homeowners to adapt the space to their liking. Whether it’s a bonus room, home theaters, fitness centers, home bar, or game room, this space transforms into an extension of the main living areas, amplifying the overall lifestyle experience while offering dedicated spaces for leisure and hobbies. 

Pool and table tennis set up in a large basement

3. New kitchen

Another popular luxury home feature in Westchester County is a new open and bright kitchen with high-end appliances that enhance cooking efficiency and convenience. Quality materials, from countertops to cabinetry, create an ambiance of enduring sophistication. With ample space for preparation and gathering, thoughtful design to ensure effortless organization, seamlessly integrated seating areas and counters, elegant finishes and intricate details render the kitchen a true centerpiece—the epitome of the phrase “heart of the home.”

Luxury kitchens are commonly equipped with an extra-large fridge and multiple dishwashers. This offers homeowners a spectrum of advantages, combining practicality, convenience, and elevated living. The ample space of an extra-large fridge accommodates groceries, fresh produce, and culinary essentials, reducing shopping frequency and preserving food quality. Multiple dishwashers streamline post-meal cleanup, particularly during large gatherings, ensuring continuous efficiency and a well-maintained kitchen.

New kitchen with high end materials and luxury features

 If you’re buying a luxury home in Westchester County, NY, your Redfin Premier Agent is equipped to offer valuable insights into the local market, including insight into the neighborhoods, highly sought-after amenities, pricing trends, and available luxury properties.